Rusty Surfboards – Rusty Sista Brotha Surfboard – Black


The Sista Brotha is Noa Deaneâ€s latest Rusty model shaped for various conditions in the 2 – 6ft range. Noa Deane is currently one of the most exciting progressive free surfers on the planet producing some of the most radical above the lip manoeuvres ever seen. Noa wanted a board that would produce huge amounts of speed even when conditions were less than perfect. The outcome was a board that can be used in just about anything from waist high choppy rubbish to 5ft clean faces making it a perfect one board quiver for Noaâ€s travels. This new design is a high performance shortboard with slightly more width across the deck and nose which adds to the overall volume and planning area for a quicker down the line board. The Sista Brotha has a slightly flatter rocker compared to the average shortboard with moderate entry rocker and a low tail rocker which makes for easier paddling and greater speed. The rails of the board are also slightly fuller offering more forgiveness as they a :: Unisex > Surfboards. Fins: FCS II thruster set-up (Not included)Template: The Sista Brotha is a high performance shortboard with a little\n extra width through the chest area and noseRocker: A fairly flat rocker that helps the board travel through weaker\n sections with speed and flowConstruction: PUSuitable Conditions: 2 – 6 ftConcave: This board has a single concave that has one purpose. to produce\n as much speed as possibleTail: The rounded square tail provides the board with huges amounts of\n versatility and great lift for maneuversNose: Similar to the rest of the board. the nose is slightly fuller providing\n the board with speed and paddle powerRider ability: Intermediate to advance

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